7th September 2018


Dear Parents


Welcome back!  I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday and that your child has had a good start to the new academic year.


May I take this opportunity to welcome all parents who are new to the school.  I look forward to working with you during your association with us. 


For those parents who are new to the school, I send out a newsletter on the first Friday of the month.  These are sent electronically for those parents for whom we have an email address.  Please ensure that we have any new addresses so that we can update our system and then let us know if you do not receive the communication.  There are always some spare newsletters in the office should you be unable to access a copy at anytime.  If you would prefer to receive the newsletter by pupil post we can arrange that if you let the office know. 


Newsletters are an important form of communication and will give you information about current and forthcoming events, curriculum activities within each year group, diary dates, grumbles and nags.  At the end of each newsletter there will be a list of dates for that term.  Today’s newsletter also contains the inset days which are planned for the rest of the academic year. The newsletter will be posted on the school’s website and on the school’s facebook page.  There is also a calendar on the school’s website which is kept updated with all the events that are happening within the school.



Our first parents’ forum starts on Tuesday 11th September from 9.00 – 9.30 am.  This is an opportunity for parents to meet with a senior leader within the school to discuss any general issues they may have.  They are not opportunities to discuss individual children.  The Parents’ Forums are held on the first Tuesday following the newsletter and the time alternates between morning and early evening.  Below is a list of the dates for this term.  All parents are welcome and the meeting is held in the room opposite the office. 

Tuesday         11th September       9.00 - 9.30 am         

Tuesday         9th October               6.00 - 6.30 pm         

Tuesday         6th November           9.00 - 9.30 am         

Tuesday         11th December         6.00 - 6.30 pm         


The school photographer will be coming on Tuesday 2nd October to take single portraits of the children. On Tuesday 6th November he will be back to take photos of any siblings (who come to our school).


Your child might be able to get free school meals if you get any of the following:

o    Income Support

o    income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance

o    income-related Employment and Support Allowance

o    support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

o    the guaranteed element of Pension Credit

o    Child Tax Credit (provided you’re not also entitled to Working Tax Credit and     have an annual gross income of no more than £16,190)

o    Working Tax Credit run-on - paid for 4 weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit

o    Universal Credit - if you apply on or after 1 April 2018 your household income must be less than £7,400 a year (after tax and not including any benefits you get)

Your child might also get free school meals if you get any of these benefits and your child is both:

o    younger than the compulsory age for starting school (eg nursery / reception)

o    in full-time education

You can register your child directly through the Bracknell Forest Council website

Alternatively a form is available at our school office.

Children who are or who have been in receipt of free school meals in the last 6 years are classed as pupil premium children under the government scheme.

For every child registered under Pupil Premium, the school receives £1,320 from the Government, This funding is called a ‘Pupil Premium’ and is designed to close the gap between pupils from disadvantaged families and their peers.

Pupil Premium will help to provide:

• Additional teachers to ensure smaller classes

• Additional teaching assistants and nursery nurses to ensure smaller classes and intervention groups

• Improved computing provision to sustain pupil achievement and further enhance teaching

• Funding for free school trips

As you can see, this additional funding can really make a substantial difference. If you think you may qualify, then please apply.


Our school provides a milk scheme that is available to all of our pupils, it is free to those pupils who are in receipt of Free School Meals by meeting the criteria as laid out above.  For those children, we also offer free school trips and so it is well worth registering. It is also free to all pupils under 5 years of age.  We have decided that the best time of day to offer the children milk would be at morning break. If you would like your child to receive milk at morning break and they are not entitled to free milk, please register and place your order with Cool Milk.     (


A reminder that these meetings will take place from Monday next week and will be held in the classroom from 2.30 – 3.00 pm on the following afternoons:

Penguins                   Y2       Ms Gardiner                          Monday 10th September

Pelicans                    Y3       Mrs Fish

Falcons                      Y6       Mr Taylor          

Parakeets                  Y2       Mrs Wood/Mrs Newland     Tuesday 11th September

Kites                           Y6       Mrs Johnson

Swans                        Y3       Mrs Walden/Miss Barton    Wednesday 12th September

Toucans                    Y4       Ms Bowden

Emus                          Y5       Miss Poulter

Nuthatches               Y2       Mrs Leggett                           Thursday 13th September

Eagles                        Y6       Miss Horner

Woodpeckers            Y1       Mrs Reed                               Monday 17th September

Kiwis                          Y5       Miss Hipkin

Flamingos                 Y4       Mr Horton                              Tuesday 18th September

Ostriches                   Y5       Miss Parkinson

Chaffinches              Y1       Mr Dolby                                Wednesday 19th September

Hummingbirds          Y4       Mrs Cashmore/Mrs Brown-Nicholson

Kookaburras             Y2       Mrs Panesar


Attached to this newsletter is a list of extra-curricular clubs for the autumn term.  The children will be told about how to access the clubs that take place during the school day, and for those clubs that take place after school a letter will be sent home so that a permission slip can be completed.  If you have any queries about the clubs, please speak to Mrs Fish (Pelicans’ class teacher).


The school operates a House Point system and the four houses are Fire, Water, Air and Wind.  Elections will take place later on in the term to appoint the House Captains and Vice Captains.  New pupils to the school will be allocated a house and we will ensure that siblings are kept in the same house.


A reminder that children are only allowed to have plain tap or bottled water in their water bottles, not flavoured water or squash.  Children are only allowed to have fruit or vegetables (eg carrot sticks) at morning play.


The PTA is now in full swing so please keep your eyes open for our newsletter next week.  Please see their first event below!



These will be sent home with your child/children next week (w/c 10th September). Please look out for them as they need to be back by Friday 28th September. Failure to do this could stop your child/children from going on any visits or activities run by the school. 

Please check all details, and if they need changing please write the changes on the form. Please pay particular attention to your child’s NHS Number, Date of Last Tetanus Injection and the last page making sure you cross out all of questions with I agree/do not agree before signing it and returning it to the school office as soon as possible 

Thank you.


We have provisionally booked our school Christmas lunch for Wednesday 5th December.  More details will follow.


From the Kitchen: From September 4th 2018 the price of school meals went up to £2.20 for the children in Years 3 to 6.

A reminder that the Year 3 children are no longer eligible for FSM under the government Universal Infant Free School Meals initiative. If you wish your child to have school meals, the cost is £2.20 per meal and must be paid for in advance, details for online payment facilities are available from the school office.  Your child may still be entitled free school meals if you meet certain criteria, details of which and the application form can be found on the Bracknell forest website - 


The school collects plastic milk bottle tops (any colour), used stamps, foreign coins including out of date coins, old mobile phones and all kinds of toner cartridges in aid of the Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance Service.  We no longer collect empty baby wipes packets.  If you are able to supply any of the above, please bring into the office where there are some labelled boxes.  Thank you.


This year’s Harvest Festival will be on Friday 12th October. There will be 4 services and parents are welcome to join us either at the church or in the school hall at any one of these services:

Years 1 and 2                        9.15am         St. George’s Church

Years 3 and 4                       10.00am        St. George’s Church

Years 5 and 6                       11.00am        St. George’s Church

Reception and Nursery        2.30pm         School Hal

In the past we have the school along with the church, have always decided to support our local Bracknell Food Bank.  However this year we received an email from the Kerith Church who run the food back asking us to either give a financial donation or to stagger donations throughout the year. 

We are writing to explain a dilemma we find ourselves in. Recently the storage costs we are having to pay to store the food donations we receive have risen dramatically. Last year at harvest time we received an incredible 11 tons of food donations in the space of 3 weeks, but as a result had to purchase extra storage units in order to sort & store the food. As you can imagine, receiving so much food in a short space of time caused us some difficulty as the food was coming in a lot faster than we were able to give it out. 

We have decided to ask for donations in the week before the spring half term as that is a time when they receive fewer donations.  We will give out further details nearer the time.


Judo sessions will restart Monday 10th September for Years 1-6 at 8am for the autumn term. The cost is £43 for the tuition and £5 for the kit hire. Gary the Judo teacher is offering a free trail session on Monday the 10th September. Thank you.


Each half term we accumulate a massive amount of lost property.  The lost property cupboard is in the corridor between KS1 and KS2 adjacent to the reading boxes.  In order to try and reduce the amount of unclaimed items, please make sure that all clothing is named and then we can return it to its rightful owner.  Thank you.                                                             


The school is looking to recruit some lunchtime controllers (dinner ladies/men).  Monday-Friday 11:45am – 1:15pm (term time)

If you are interested please call into the school office for an application form.


A polite reminder about parking outside the school; please do not park across our neighbours’ drives or on the curbs as pushchairs cannot get through etc.

Thank you.

The month in brief


A warm welcome to all our new and returning children and their families at the start of this new school year in Puffin Class.  We hope you all had a lovely summer break. The children are settling in fantastically and are starting to remember the new routines in the classroom. Please remember to send your child in with a NAMED cardigan or jumper and water bottle as they can get very thirsty in the afternoons.

Our topics for the first half of the autumn term are “All about me” and “Harvest”, providing the children opportunities to talk about themselves, their families and their favourite things.  After half term our topic will be “Celebrations”.

We have our Early Years Foundation Stage Harvest celebration on Friday 12th October in the afternoon.   For those children who are not normally in Nursery on a Friday afternoon,they are also encouraged to take part and we would love to see you there. Further details relating to Harvest will be sent out nearer the time. 

The mornings in nursery are normally very busy whilst we get the children settled. Therefore, it isn’t always easy to have conversations regarding the children. If you have any important information to share with us, please write a note and hand it in to Miss Sandy or me (Miss Edwards). Alternatively, we are always happy to talk to parents after school.

If your child would like to play in the mud please ensure they have a named pair of wellie boots which can stay on the wellie racks outside.

Finally, we would like to politely request that each child brings in a box of tissues for us to store and allow the children to use over the term. Thank you very much.

If you have any questions or concerns, please come and talk to us.

Miss Edwards and Miss Sandy


Welcome to all our children and their families at the start of the Reception year. We hope you all had a lovely summer break. The children are settling in beautifully, enjoying the lovely warm weather and making the most of our outside learning area.  Please remember to send your child in with a NAMED cardigan or jumper and water bottle as they can get very thirsty in the afternoons.

Our topics for the first half of the autumn term are “Magical Me”, “My Family”, “Families Around the World” and “Harvest”, giving the children lots of opportunities to talk about themselves, their families and things they enjoy doing.  After half term our topic will be “Festivals”, “Autumn”, “Super Heroes” and “Christmas”.

Next week the children will bring home a reading book to be read at home, with a reading record for you to record their reading and they will change their books daily in school. At the back of their books will be their first set of key words to learn on Teddy 1. They will also bring home a green phonics book on a Friday where they can practise the letter sounds they have been learning that week.

This week we have started PE and we would like to remind you that all the children can come to school on a Thursday dressed in their named PE kits. As the weather begins to cool down it would be useful for the children to wear navy blue tracksuits and trainers so they can participate in outdoor PE sessions without getting too cold.

As the mornings are generally very busy getting the children settled, it is not always easy to have conversations regarding the children. If you have urgent or important information to share with the teachers, please write a note and hand it to your child’s class teacher. Alternatively, we are always happy to talk to parents after school.

If your child would like to play in the mud please ensure they have a named pair of wellie boots which can stay on the wellie racks outside.

Finally, we would like to politely request that each child brings in a box of tissues for us to store and allow the children to use over the term. Thank you very much.

Mrs Layton – Matthews, Miss Grant and Mrs Bryan

Year 1

Welcome back to Year 1.  We hope you had a lovely summer holiday.  We are very impressed with how the children have dealt with the transition from Reception to Year 1.

Our topic for this half term is ‘Food and Farming’.  This will link into harvest and the children will be finding out about where our food comes from. We will also be learning about our bodies and exploring our senses.

The children will be having PE sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure that PE kits are in school for those days as the children will get changed into PE Kits during class time.

It is very important that the children are heard to read on a daily basis.  Those who read at least four times a week at home will be given an extra 10 minutes of play on a Friday afternoon as a reward.  Please record this in your child’s reading record book to ensure that they get their extra playtime.   

With the winter coming up, we would greatly appreciate any boxes of tissues for the classroom.  Please hand them to your child’s class teacher at any point during the term. During this term, we will be needing kitchen rolls and empty cereal boxes for art so if you have any empty we will gladly take them off your hands.

Milk is no longer free to Year 1 children; however, if you would like your child to continue to have milk daily during snack time please register and place your order with Cool Milk (  More details regarding our milk scheme can be found in our newsletter.

We look forward to working with you over the coming year.

Mrs Leggett, Mrs Reed and Mr Dolby

Year 2

Welcome to your first term in Year 2!

We hope you have had a brilliant holiday and are keen to get going on this new learning adventure. This term we will be studying our local area and finding out about our town, starting the term off with learning our own addresses. If you have any resources on this topic we would welcome them in our classrooms.  We would also welcome volunteers to listen to children read and help out with art projects so if you are free do let your child’s teacher know.

Please make sure the children have a water bottle in school (especially as the weather is still warm) and that labelled PE kits are in school. Our PE days are Monday and Friday.   As the weather gets colder, the children may need tracksuit bottoms for outside PE. 

It is very important that the children are heard read regularly at home and that they change their books once you have signed their reading record.  If they read four times a week they will be rewarded with an extra play.  If you have any personal messages you would like the teacher to know please send in a note rather than write them in the Reading Record which may be used by parent helpers.

Maths, spelling and grammar homework will be given out by all teachers on a Thursday, to be handed in by the following Tuesday.  All of the children will be given the Year 2 expected spellings but if your child struggles to learn these focus on the first five spellings.  The first set of spellings may appear easy but these are to consolidate key writing skills and they will become progressively more difficult. Your child’s maths homework will be given to them by their maths set teacher but should be returned to their class teacher, along with any other homework. The children will be tested on their spellings on Thursday afternoons and it will benefit their progress immensely if you can find time to practise daily.

Boxes of tissues are greatly appreciated for use in the classroom. If each child can bring in a box, we will have enough to last a whole year. We hope you have a happy time in Year 2, please come in and speak to us if you have any concerns.  We look forward to working in partnership with you.

Year 2 Team

Year 3

Welcome back after what we hope was a relaxing summer break and a warm welcome to the new children and families joining our school.

We have been pleased with how well the children have transitioned from KS1 to KS2. They are very enthusiastic about the ‘rainforest’ topic this term and we have been extremely impressed by all of the children’s rainforest dioramas which they have been discussing in class.

This term, PE sessions will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays so please ensure full PE kits are in school. As the weather starts to get cooler, you might like to include a tracksuit as part of your child’s PE kit. Please check all school uniform and equipment is named.

Stationery for lessons is provided in class but we encourage children to bring in a pencil case of basic supplies including a white glue stick (rather than coloured glue sticks) that they are responsible for. Could we politely request that pencil cases are slim enough to be kept in the trays under their desks and please ensure stationery is labelled where possible. We also remind children to leave precious items at home.

Homework will be sent home every Friday in folders. This will include a piece of maths set by their maths teacher and a reading comprehension paper set by their class teacher. These should be given back to class teachers no later than the following Wednesday. A list of spellings will be sent home on Fridays and tested the following Thursday. We will also do a quick times table test every Thursday at the start of maths lessons.  We recommend that the children practise their spellings and times tables for 10 minutes every day in addition to their 15 minutes of daily reading. Please could you make a note of daily reading in your child’s reading record to ensure they earn their extra playtime on a Friday. Children need to have read at least four times a week and this needs to be signed by an adult. 

Finally, we always appreciate any additional support from parents or grandparents with listening to children read in school or helping out with class activities. This can be on a regular basis or as a ‘one-off’ so please speak to your class teacher if you are available to help. We are also always grateful for donations of boxes of tissues.  

We look forward to seeing you at the “Meet the teacher” afternoon where we will share/clarify other important information (see the key dates listed at the end of the newsletter).J

Mrs Fish, Miss Barton, Mrs Walden

Year 4

Welcome back! We hope you have all had a relaxing summer break. We have enjoyed seeing the children’s homework and finding out what they have been getting up to over the holiday.

We are all looking forward to starting our new topic this term where we will learn about the lives and practises of the Ancient Egyptians as well as make our own canopic jars out of clay. Alongside this we will be learning about deserts across the world in geography and investigating solids, liquids and gasses in science.

This term, Year 4 will be having PE lessons on Wednesday and Thursday so please can you make sure that children bring in the correct kit ready for these lessons.

We will provide any stationery that is needed but children are more than welcome to bring in their own pencil cases with their own items such as glue sticks and colouring pencils. If a child does bring in their own pencil case it would be useful if any items were labelled to help ensure that they do not lose them and anything that is precious or valuable should be left at home and if it could be small enough to fit into trays.

We will be sending homework out on a Thursday and that will be due in on the following Tuesday. Spellings will be in reading records on Monday and the children will be tested on these on the following Monday. At the end of each week we let the children go out for extra play as long as they have read four times at home and have had this signed by an adult so please try and ensure this is done before they come to school on a Friday. 

Finally, we are always grateful of any support from parents, either hearing children read or helping with art days and trips. This can be on a regular basis or as a ‘one-off’ so please speak to your class teacher if you are available to help.

We look forward to seeing you at the “Meet the teacher” afternoon.

Miss Bowden, Mrs Brown-Nicholson, Mrs Cashmore and Mr Horton.

Year 5

Welcome back!

The children have settled in well to their new classes and we are looking forward to all of the exciting things we will be covering this year. Our topic for this term will be “Meet the Greeks” which will focus on how the Ancient Greeks lived and what they have contributed to our lives today. In science, we will be studying forces and we plan to carry out some engaging investigations.

Each child should now have their own individual reading book. Please try and read with your child on a daily basis and sign their reading record. We will monitor the reading records closely and a weekly reward will be given to those children who manage to read 4 times.

Homework will consist of a maths activity, English or topic activity and spellings. Homework will be given out on a Friday and will need to be handed in the following Wednesday. Children who do not complete their homework will be asked to go to complete it in homework club, held at lunchtime. We will test the children on their spellings every Friday.

All three classes have PE every Monday with Mr Methven and we ask that kits remain in school for the entire week as they will be having an additional PE session during the week. 

If you have concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to pop in and see us after school. We look forward to meeting you all properly at the ‘Meet the Teacher’ session.

Miss Poulter, Miss Hipkin and Miss Parkinson

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

The children are settling in well and are getting to grips with the expectations of their final year at primary school. Firstly, a huge thank you to all the children that went above and beyond on their summer homework. We look forward to hearing about what the children have learned during our presentations in English. We have spent some time during the first week undertaking baseline assessments to identify their starting points and gaps in the learning to inform our planning.

Our topic this term is “Extreme Earth” and we will be learning about geological and weather conditions across the globe. This will also form part of our English work, where we will study non-chronological reports and undertake presentations about different types of weather.

This year, we are encouraging the children to take more responsibility for their equipment, including their P.E. kit - which must be in every school day.  If children forget their PE kit there will be a note in their reading record. From next week, the children will have their PE lessons on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

All the children have been given a reading record and the expectation of the school is that they read at least four times a week (for a minimum of 20 minutes per session) and have their record signed by an adult.  They will be rewarded for their efforts at the end of the week.

Our ‘Meet the teacher’ afternoons are scheduled over the next couple of weeks (see diary dates); however, if you have any questions or if you are unable to make the meeting please come and see us.

We would like to remind you that water bottles are to be brought in daily and that they should only contain water. We are trying to encourage children to have drinks more frequently at break and lunch time, as this will prepare them for the expectations of secondary school. Please also ensure that break time snacks, brought in from home, are fruit and/or vegetables only.

A letter will be sent out towards the end of this month regarding the Year 6 residential trip to Mill Rythe. This will give those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to sign-up a chance to do so.

We look forward to meeting you at the “Meet the Teacher” afternoon.

Miss Horner, Mrs Johnson and Mr Taylor.

Other Notices/Activities 

Within school we have a Family Liason Officer  who is Amanda Korner.  Some of our parents may not be sure what a FLO does, so I have pasted part of her job profile for you to see.
Offering friendly, informal, confidential support and advice to families. Helping families to get the most out of school life. Family Liason Officers are not just available for children and young people in your family, but for the adults too! Amanda offers support to parents and carers to help acheive positive outcomes for all of the family. This might include providing information or advice, organsing and sometimes running training, giving practical help or just offering a listening ear. You might want to use the Family Liason Officer for issues like "I have lots of questions about being a parent", "I'm really worried about my child's self esteem", "I'm just not coping since my partner left me", "I just need someone I can talk to", "I'm having problems with debt".
As parents and carers there are times when you need a little extra support and guidance, someone to talk to and point you in the right direction. Someone who's not judgemental, someone who will listen and offer practical advice and support. 

If you would like support or advice you can contact Amanda through the school office to arrange a meeting or an informal chat.
Yours sincerely

EA Cole (Mrs)


DIARY DATES: (new dates or information in bold)

Monday 10th September               Judo sessions restart Years 1 - 6        

Meet the Teacher for Penguins, Pelicans and

                                                            Falcons 2.30 – 3.00 pm

Tuesday 11th September              Parents’ Forum 9.00 – 9.30 am

                                                            Meet the Teacher for Parakeets and Kites

                                                            2.30 – 3.00 pm

Wednesday 12th September        Meet the Teacher for Swans, Toucans and Emus

                                                            2.30 – 3.00 pm

Thursday 13th September            Meet the Teacher for Nuthatches and Eagles

                                                            2.30 – 3.00 pm

Monday 17th September               Meet the Teacher for Woodpeckers and Kiwis

                                                            2.30 – 3.00 pm

Tuesday 18th September              Meet the Teacher for Flamingos and Ostriches

                                                            2.30 – 3.00 pm

Wednesday 19th September        Meet the Teacher for Chaffinches, Hummingbirds

                                                            and Kookaburras 2.30 – 3.00 pm

Friday 28th September                  PTA Macmillan Coffee morning 9.00 am

Tuesday 2nd October                     School Photographer (individual photos)

Tuesday 9th October                      Parents’ Forum 6.00 – 6.30 pm

Friday 12th October                        Harvest Festival Celebrations

Wednesday 17th October             EARLY CLOSURE AT 1.00 PM

                                                            Parent/Teacher consultation (more details to


Thursday 18th October                  Flu Spray YR – Y5 – details to follow

Monday 22nd – Friday 26th October       HALF TERM

Monday 29th October                     Pupils return to school

Tuesday 6th November                 Parents’ Forum 9.00 – 9.30 am

                                                            School Photographer (sibling photos)

Thursday 8th and Friday 9th November           Stepping Stones cake sale – details

                                                            to follow

Friday 9th November                     Falcons’ Class Assembly 9.00 am

Saturday 10th November              PTA Fireworks display – details to follow

Wednesday 14th November         Emus’ Class Assembly 9.00 am

Friday 16th November                   Kookaburras’ Class Assembly 9.00 am

Thursday 22nd November            Nuthatches’ Class Assembly 9.00 am

Friday 23rd November                   Pelicans’ Class Assembly 9.00 am

Friday 30th November                   Toucans’ Class Assembly 9.00 am

Wednesday 5th December           Christmas Lunch

Friday 7th December                      YR Nativity – timing tbc

Tuesday 11th December               Parents’ Forum 6.00 – 6.30 pm

Wednesday 12th December         Y2 Christmas play – timing tbc

Friday 14th December                   Nursery nativity – timing tbc

Tuesday 18th December               Y1 and Y6 Christmas Play – timing tbc

Friday 21st December                    Rudolph Rave 9.00 am

                                                            FINISH 2.00 PM

Monday 7th January 2019            Inset Day

Tuesday 8th January 2019           Pupils return to school

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